Last FB Rankings Update: 10/1/23 @ 10am

If you think that your record may be incorrect, please reach out to me immediately by either emailing martinrpi.2023@gmail.com or DM’ing me on Twitter @MartinRPI.

For the football rankings, please keep in mind that for the first 3 weeks of the season, the rankings may seem a little off. This is because teams haven’t played many games, so there’s not a lot of data to go off of yet. As the season moves along, the more accurate the data becomes. In the first 3 weeks, a team’s RPI still uses some of last year’s RPI in their ranking. Here’s a breakdown for how the ranking will work each week:

Week 1: 67% 2022 RPI, 33% 2023 RPI
Week 2: 50% 2022 RPI, 50% 2023 RPI
Week 3: 33% 2022 RPI, 67% 2023 RPI
Weeks 4-10: 100% 2023 RPI

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